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Sunday, March 01, 2009

hee hee

It is so fun to use my cell to do stuff like this. Although it is easier to make mistakes using these little tiny buttons. I just spent the last 15 minutes like a horizontal yoyo from claires room to nadias room putting out fires. Ah parenthood. Did I ever tell you about when claire asked me about how babies get into a mommy? That was a fun one. I felt myself getting deeper and deeper into trouble. It went something like this;
Claire: mommy how did you get a baby in you? Me:uhh well there are eggs inside mommies that turn into babies as they get bigger.
Claire: but how do they turn into babies ?
Me: well its kind of like a flower. It starts as an egg and gets a seed and that's what makes it grow.(I thought I was really cleaver when I came up with that until....)
Claire: how does the seed get there?
Me: (oh my lord...really??) well uh daddy has the seeds and gave them to me (am I really saying all of this???)
Claire thinks for a bit.
Claire: wow. That must have taken daddy a long time.
Me: (trying not to laugh) yeah it must have.

She dropped the subject at that point, thank god! I don't think I could have gotten in deeper if I wanted to (no pun intended).

Ok, now my thumbs hurt from all of the little button pushing. That's all for now.


E. Chikeles said...

lol- oh my goodness I am laughing out loud as my baby is dancing... we both enjoyed the story. =)

Amalia said...

You should have said, "Nope, it didn't take him long at all." Let them remember THAT when they are older! haha