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Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekends Aren't Always Relaxing

My dad ended up back in the hospital this past weekend because his blood levels were WAY too low. He got another 2 units of blood, which should be helping by now. He also stated that he didn't want to continue with chemo (he is half way done). He is tired of ending up in the hospital every time he gets treatment and I can't say I blame him. I know when I was going through radiation there was one time when I just broke down crying. I was in so much pain, the burn was so bad, the blisters were bleeding and I yelled that I wished I had never done radiation in the first place. Then Dion reminded me why I made the choice to do it. Sometimes when you are in the midst of all of the cancer craziness, the end result gets lost. I don't know if my dad is still feeling like he is done with chemo, and I suppose he has a few more weeks to think about it, but what it all comes down to is it's his choice. Nothing more, nothing less.

We had an early release at school today because of a last minute snow storm. I have a feeling we will have a late start tomorrow too.

Well, I am trying for the fourth time tonight to get Claire to go to bed. Soon I will give up and just go to bed myself.

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