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Monday, March 03, 2008

A Little Info

When my dad has chemo, he is put on very strong doses of prednisone and when he goes off of it after 5 days, it is like a switch is flipped. Yesterday when the girls and I were over there he seemed like he was in pretty good spirits, tired, but ok. Today was another story. Today his body is dealing with not being on the prednizone and it's usually not a good thing. Tomorrow he will be going for his weekly blood draw, so let's hope his numbers are better this time around.

As for me, I am once again among the living, although the cough is enjoying it's stay in my chest. I am trying to get things back into the routine I am used to whether it'd be at work or at home, and that is proving to be a challenge. But what isn't?

So here is an old topic that I am going resurrect, but I still need a little time to think about it. It is going to be about The New Normal, which I have talked about before when it comes to cancer, (or really any serious issue that one faces in their life). The thought of trying to find the new normal, etc, and what I am trying to find now. It may or may not be a good one, I will make no promises.


smithgonefishin said...

The "new normal" pretty much sucks ass!!!

Shari said...

I hope your dad's feeling better now. I can't imagine how that is.

I scrolled down to see the pics of the girls. They're growing up cuter than ever. You must be so proud of them (especially when they are good, of course.) :)

Take care. HUGS