Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Summer is Coming to an End

Today was a reminder of the fact that summer will be over soon. The weather was so wonderful, a nice break from the horrible humidity we have been having over the last 2 weeks or so. We actually opened up the windows and filled the house with fresh air. Complete sweetness.

Today was my first paid photo shoot of a little girl named Claire. If you look at the top of my page you will see my Flickr pictures, and that is her. She is such a little doll! She was adopted by my friends, and they are anxiously awaiting bringing home Ian next month. He is 8 months younger than Claire. They will be busy busy people. But it was awesome to catch up with Vicki, it's been years since we have seen each other. Well, minus talking on Facebook. She is one of my camp friends, and there's nothing like camp friends!

School is starting next month, and all the supplies are purchased. However, I have to go back to work in 2 weeks, so unbeknownst to my kids, they will have to go back to daycare in 2 weeks as well. I'm keeping that on the down low for now. I know how that is going to play out and it is not going to be pretty. I have enjoyed most of the summer with them, but I am looking forward to having more adult time once I am back in the work force.

Next weekend is my mom's estate sale. All this week is going to be devoted to getting ready for that, starting with getting an ad in the paper tomorrow. My mom asked me to write that up, so I will do it tonight and call in the morning. These sales are a lot of work, and I hope it pays off for her.

We had the cancer walk on Friday. Our team raised $4115 for the event and the rain stayed away, and I am still waiting on the grand total, but I know it is over $140,000. What an event! Our town is one of the highest per capita money raisers for Relay for Life. We are proud. Again, thank you to those who donated to me for this wonderful event. It couldn't happen without you.

I'm thinking of my dad this week as it marks the 2nd anniversary of his death. It's a challenging time of the year as I fight back the thoughts of watching him die. I find myself looking to him for advise, missing what he would offer. We will be going up to the cemetery on Tuesday. The last time we were there the girls had colored pictures for him and we slipped them into his niche. They miss him a lot, and we often talk about death and God and heaven. But mostly we talk about the memories we have of him, and think about ways that we can remember him. It's going to be a rough week. But we will get by. We always do.

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